Sales Force One

Coaching Executives to Excellence

Senior Executives and Sales Leaders hire me to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their sales organizations…

Particularly when it comes to developing new business and managing the Sales Team.  


I’m usually brought in when…

Companies are looking to take their sales attack to a new level and they are seeking an infusion of energy, focus and intensity, along with very practical and actionable coaching.

Sales results are not what they should be or the sales team is not firing on all cylinders.

Sales Force One exists to drive sales increases for clients.

Our Sales Coaching is very different than other “sales improvement” alternatives.  We move the needle.  We work with chief executives, sales managers, and sales teams to help build momentum and create lift in their sales organizations by focusing in three areas that have tremendous impact on sales performance and excellence.


*  The Sales Momentum Builder
*  Trusted Advisor, a sounding board for “C” levels

*  Essentials of Sales Management
*  Sales Reports:  The Sales Score Card & the Sales Pipeline
*  Business plans that hold people Accountable.  Build, Write, Present Individual Plans.
*  Five Dysfunctions of a Team (adapted from Lencioni)
*  Value Added Customer Service (adapted from Reilly)
*  Encouraging the Heart.  Pre-Celebration of Success
*  Vision Builder Working Session
*  Executive Team Retreat:  SWOT.  Prioritization.  Action Plan.

*  Develop a Healthy Culture:  People coached to act like Leaders & Take Responsibility for Results
Interim Sales Management:  When Managers needs a little Help and some Fresh Ideas


*  DISC & Values Testing:  Know Thyself.  Blending & Adapting to Others
*  Individual Test Results.  Share with Others.  Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
1:1 Sales Management Coaching
1:1 In the Field Sales Coaching:  Subjective Talent Feedback & Growth
*  Playing to a person’s individual’s strengths & natural giftedness
Talent Selection and recognizing styles & adapting to thrive
*  Getting the Right Players in the Right Position
Coaching Players who Perpetually Under-perform
*  Helping you avoid the costly “bad hires”

New Business

  New Business Driver Overview:  A to Z New Business Development Process
*  Specific Coaching on:
*  Building & Sharpening the Story (Pains, Offerings, Differentiators… Case Studies)
*  Prospect Selection & Segmentation:  Clearly defined list of Target Prospects
*  Proactive Telephone Calls (Mindset, Technique, Outlines, Voicemail)
*  Utilizing the Social Networks effectively
The Initial Sales Call: (Structure, Power Statements, Probing for Pain, Sharing Solutions, Determining Fit, Defining Next Steps)
Creating the Plan of Action, Putting it all together.
*  Creating a Targeted Sales Campaign:  Annual New Business Blitz
“It’s all About Them” – being “others-centered/customer-focused” in Sales
Develop Probing skills to uncover pain and opportunity
*  How to Capture the Attention of Prospects & Justify our Value Proposition
Identifying Poorly structured and self-focused Sales Calls
*  Truth from the Field:  Why Salespeople Fail at New Business Development
Teaching Behaviors & Attitudes of the Best

Sales Force One Takes Off

Donnie Williams and Mike Weinberg use divergent coaching techniques to help companies improve sales.

Sales Force One
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“Lack of direction, not a lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days.”
Zig Ziglar